This study titled “From Modernization to Globalization, Local Authorities
in Turkey, History and Today” deals with the development of local democracy
in our country and the factors affecting this process in detail over
a long period of time. Unlike previous studies, this study, talks over the
concepts of local authority and local democracy are scrutinized within the
processes of modernization and globalization, and the interaction between
the variables.

Modernization, administration and local authorities within the framework
of modernization attempts in the Ottoman Period, the steps taken in the
Republican period regarding local authorities, the issue of how the European
integration process affects local authorities, and finally, the reforms
carried out under the name of decentralization in our country in the
2000s, constitute the main themes of the book.
The legal regulations and the basic principles on which they are based,
which are very closely related to the people of administration and politics
who have taken part in its implementation, as well as those who deal with
the theoretical aspects of decentralization, are introduced and generalized
in the book.
It is gratifying that both authors, have contributed this work to the literature
of the local authorities with great devotion and determination for the
administrators and politicians, scholars, and everyone who is interested in
the social, economic and cultural development problems of the country to
benefit from their knowledge and experience. This work will be a valuable
resource for those who concerned with local democracy in universities,
research institutions, international organisations, bureaucracy and political

Prof. Dr. Ruşen KELEŞ

Note about the cover image of the book: The Republic of Turkey gave women the
right to vote and be elected, before many Western Countries, in the Election of
Local Authorities held in 1930.

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